Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Part Four of the Salty Dog Trilogy: Skinny Lister

Skinny Lister


Now we're all philosophers drinking down the pub again

You will like if:
Your idea of a pub is a place to meet friends, rather than get hammered
You know that cask ale doesn't mean warm, flat beer
Sometimes you just want a proper pint

You will not like if:
Your idea of a Friday night is loud pop music and a dark bar so you can't see how gross the floor is
The idea of cellar temperature doesn't work for you
You can't handle a naturally carbonated beer

So here is my new favorite band:

We first saw them open for Frank Turner and were absolutely blown away. Just listen and tell me that doesn't feel like a pub song. Wait, here, have another:

Yeah! Let's go grab a pint! Wait, finish reading first. 

There was something absolutely spectacular seeing Skinny Lister, self proclaimed Shanty Punk with their trademark jug, on the open deck with the ocean around us. And playing with Frank Turner no less.

And then there was the show on the last night in the smallest venue. It was cramped, it was dark and hot. We were all exhausted. Maybe two dozen of us, which was pretty thin. Their singer got a few beers from the bar and lamented how few people there were in attendance.

"Don't worry," said the drunk girl next to us. "Everybody's just drunk and they'll show up eventually." They came out like this:

Hahahaha look at that. It's one of those old timey one piece bathing suits you saw in old cartoons. And sure enough, the place swarmed with fans. It was the last show of the cruise, the band was jumping into the crowd and, at one point, started swinging from the rafters. It was rowdy, it was a singalong. It was an intimate experience. The band wiped tears from their eyes. It was just perfect.

It was one of the most memorable shows I've ever seen, and I'll forever look back warmly on the experience. 

I could think of no better beer to pair with these hooligans than Hogshead. Not any particular beer, just Hogshead in general. I've written about them before, so I won't go into the big thing again. It's a cozy English cask ale bar, serving traditional English pints with friends. Sometimes that's what I want.

So here's what I recommend. Head to the pub (invite me!), order a proper pint, and have this in your head:

That's just about a perfect evening.